Aerial Photography

Taking photographs of structures, or the ground, from an elevated/direct-down position using fixed wing or multi-rotor drones and sUAS.

Thermal Imaging

Drones equipped with Infrared (IR) cameras are used to diagnose the condition of buildings and structures by detecting thermal bridges and anomalies.


We use Photogrammetry to create accurate maps with exact measurements as well as 3D models of structures such as oil and gas pipelines, buildings and utility lines.

LiDar Processing

LIDAR (LIght Detection And Ranging) is a new technology in the field of topographical data collection which can be done during day or night at a high rate of speed, with high density and very accurate data.

Asset Mapping

Our software allows us to use unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with cameras to find energy leaks, damage to rooftops, deteriorating facades, safety concerns and other potential hazards.

3D Laser Mapping

Our UAV technology leads the industry in precision with up to 1cm/pixel resolution. Whether the project is a 100 mile pipeline inspection, ranch volume calculation, or a crop / farm diagnosis.

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