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National Drone Pros offers the latest technological solutions for mitigating risk in the workplace and improving inspection quality.

We offer a wide array of services to cover oil and gas, utilities, ranches, construction, insurance and more. Our easy to use data provides businesses with faster and more accurate insight to improve decision making and optimize your company’s performance.

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Services Overview

National Drone Pros wide array of solutions are not limited to what’s shown on the site. If you have any questions regarding licensed and insured drone services for your area please contact us!

Orthomosaic 3D Mapping Generation

This is the automated process for collecting raw imagery and mosaicing them into one single image. This process will generate a Georeferenced Image and optionally a Digital surface model in various different formats. By using the data collected and analyzing it you can use the information provided for accurate measurements, 3D models, agriculture analysis, accurate elevation maps, and site overview. It gives you a overall view of the property and much more.

Roof Inspection Services

National Drone Pros can help you throw the ladder away. With advances in technology we can provide expert roof analysis on residential and commercial properties. Using desk adjusters and complex computer algorithms we can give you the data you need for Insurance Claims, Loss prevention, detailed damage reports, weather history data, precise measurements, estimates and recommendations. Infrared technology allows roof analysis on water leaks and building refrigeration leaks.

Right of Way Inspections

Keeping up with federal guidelines on right of way inspections can be expensive. One solution is to use UAV’s to help the bottom line. UAV’s are able to fly lower than a typical airplane and capture high detail videos or 3D mapping so that you can identify Pipe Line Leaks (dead vegetation and visible erosion), exposed pipe, encroachment into ROW and heavy traffic across ROW. This can also be preformed with infrared camera that can expose problems that are not seen with the naked eye.

Cellular Tower Inspections

By using high tech cameras and UAV’s cell tower inspections are much more easy that before. Detailed pictures and 3D mapping can provide a wealth of information and data to look for issues before they become problems.

Wind Turbine Overview

Using UAV’s to safely inspect wind turbine blades and components helps to maintain equipment before failure and provides accurate detail on blade condition. With high resolution video and photographs wind turbines can be inspected in less time so that data can be obtained and delivered to client quickly.

Search and Rescue

Infrared technology with UAV’s helps assist local, state and nonprofit officials in the aid of search and rescue to help save life and property. By quickly dispatching UAV’s time is saved when seconds count the most. For Fire Departments aerial infrared can assist in fighting house and forest fires safely.

Aerial Photography

Taking photographs of structures, or the ground, from an elevated/direct-down position using fixed wing or multi-rotor drones and sUAS.

Thermal Imaging

Drones equipped with Infrared (IR) cameras are used to diagnose the condition of buildings and structures by detecting thermal bridges and anomalies.


We use Photogrammetry to create accurate maps with exact measurements as well as 3D models of structures such as oil and gas pipelines, buildings and utility lines.

LiDar Processing

LIDAR (LIght Detection And Ranging) is a new technology in the field of topographical data collection which can be done during day or night at a high rate of speed, with high density and very accurate data.

Asset Mapping

Our software allows us to use unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with cameras to find energy leaks, damage to rooftops, deteriorating facades, safety concerns and other potential hazards.

3D Laser Mapping

Our UAV technology leads the industry in precision with up to 1cm/pixel resolution. Whether the project is a 100 mile pipeline inspection, ranch volume calculation, or a crop / farm diagnosis.

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